Hover the images to "turn off the lights".
Photography : Florian 'Mindan' Machot
2015 Game Illustration Webdesign
Deadlytown is a strategy boardgame in which players are put into the shoes of inhabitants of a cursed town, trying to prevent their mansions from being haunted by ghosts.

The game is based on a strong idea, which is the alternation between day and night : by day, players have more opportunities to protect their house, while at night ghosts are more powerful and dangerous.

Because of the use of silkscreen printing, the cards are directly altered by this shift. They indeed includes a phosphorescent layer, invisible by day, that completly changes the cards by night (illustrations and card values change).

In Night phase, the players have to turn off the lights and continue playing in the dark, illuminated by the cards.

Deadlytown is looking for a publisher. If you are interested in the game, feel free to contact me.