Photography : Tony Trichanh
2013 Editorial Design Illustration
This project was carried out as an exercise in the editorial design master course at the HEAR Strasbourg. We were asked to rethink a short novel edition in order to highlight its original text's intention.

I chose Guy de Maupassant's The Horla, a short novel that deals, as often with Maupassant's works, with madness and paranormal. In the form of a journal, the narrator, tells his misadventures with The Horla, a mysterious and ghostly character that he's the only one to see.

My idea was to illustrate the text using a process that puts the reader in the same frame of mood that the hero, by making the Horla only visible in certain reading conditions: The black and white illustrations depict the hero manhandled by the Horla, which is printed separately with transparent varnish.

Just like in the story, the character seems to struggle alone against an invisible force. But depending to the angle of reading and the ambient light, the reader can reveal the ghost hitherto invisible.