« You already know about Princes Street and the castle, you've already been to Arthur's Seat and you even know about the Sainsbury's.
But do you really know Edinburgh ?
Let's find out. »
« The bottles are getting empty. The hosts decide to move the party elsewhere.
They want to go to a club. You do not like club. You want to go home. You know how this will end.»
« Suddenly, you got pulled out of your thoughts by your phone, buzzing in your pocket. It's Mike calling. He's furious.
Apparently you do not have the right to leave a meeting like that.
Especially to go to the beach.»
2014 Game
KGTS is a text-based adventure game made while I was an exchange student in Edinburgh back in 2014. I wrote it in contemplation of my come back in France to avoid the perpetual talks about my stay.

My exchange was a long succession of choices, coincidences, opportunities and regrets. So this game is about asking the player : What would you have done ?

Featuring : Flat-hunting, language barrier, loneliness, football, parties, alcohol, alcohol and alcohol.